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Category: Straight Airs
Terrain: Park

This is about the easiest grab there is on a snowboard


No Footer (on GT)

Category: Jibbing
Terrain: Park

Approach the booter with a larger amount of speed. As you leave the lip of the jump make sure you weight is centered over the GT. Pop. Once you in the are, hold tightly with your hands, and release you feet. Tweak them out sideways, then suck em back in and land with you feet (don't land with you ass on the back of the get cause its gonna hurt).

Big Time Manuel; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Big Time Manuel

Category: Straight Airs
Terrain: Park

This trick is awsome I hope you think so too!

1) Find or build a ramp that gets pretty high and has a gradual incline.
2) Appoach the ramp with alot of speed and slightly be leaning heel side.
3) When u hit the top of the ramp quickly switch to toe side.
4) Ollie with your nose side, putting your weight on your front foot.
5) Then put all of your weight on your back side and keep balance so you dont fall off the side of the ramp.
6) Then after you do that you can jump off your back foot on to your nose side it makes it cooler.
7) When you are about to land you can choose to add a 180 it makes the trick alot cooler.
8) When u land bend your knees for a soft landing and ride away like it was no big delio.